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Waldmann - Engineer of Light - Light viewed in a different light.

Light is one of the first things we perceive in life. Most of us take light for granted, just like the air we breathe. In fact, however, light is a science that lighting engineers have always been intensively engaged in. On the basis of our knowledge, we have developed lighting concepts for a wide variety of sectors and applications for more than 50 years – always adding value to productivity, safety, health, and energy savings.

This wealth of experience has made us one of the technological trailblazers in our industry today. Our
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Our product range encompasses complex lighting systems with integrated light management, task lighting for all applications, including inspection and test lighting.


Turnover (consolidated):

approx. 830 worldwide
108 Mio EUR (2013)
approx. 50 %


Waldmann Group

Product Section

Derungs Medical Lighting | Light for People

We are one of the world leaders for lighting systems and accessories intended for the healthcare technology. We combine innovative lighting techniques and a functional design to create state-of-the-art products.

We have been building our future with our solid know-how accumulated over the past 70 years. Our motivated staff rely on this unique experience and offer solutions which have been researched down to the smallest detail to give a lighting suited to all the needs in the healthcare field. Since 1999, this company has been part of the Waldmann Group.

Founded in 1939 | 50 employees

Reducing energy consumption not only saves money but is becoming an absolute necessity for all of us due to dwindling resources. Derungs thinks ahead. Saving electricity alone is not enough.
Multidimensional concepts and components are required to make lighting really efficient.

efficient light – the goal of sustainable lighting is primarily quality – and that in a broad perspective. Sustainable lighting is economically efficient, environmentally friendly and resource-conserving. High light quality increases safety and promotes health in clinics, medical practices or elderly care facilities.

The "efficient light" certificate indicates energy-optimized Derungs products of very high light quality. "efficient light" products use electronic operating components as well as efficient fluorescent lamps or LED modules.  In an international comparison, "efficient light" certified products are the benchmark when it comes to energy efficiency – developed, tested and self-critically evaluated by Derungs Medical Lighting.

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