CATEGORY- SPIROMETRY | ORIGIN- UK | QUALITY- CE                                                                                                                                                                             


The BTL-08 Spiro & BTL-08 Spiro Pro are modern compact spirometers for performing non-invasive pulmonary function tests and managing patient records comfortably and quickly. The minimum operational costs of the units are ensured by reusable sensor that can be easily disinfected. The measurements are carried out with maximum accuracy in the wide range of air flow and minimum air flow resistance. The units feature in-built sensors for automatic BTPS correction of examination results. The results can be previewed on the large color display prior to printing.
Feature Highlights

- Portable Desktop Spirometer   - Integrated Printer with 112mm Paper Width   - Color Touch Screen   - Real time display of flow volume & volume-time graph   - Upto three curves in flow volume graph   - Auto best test collection with manual correction   - Bronchoprovocative Testing   - Paediatric Encouragement Software   - Auto Interpretation (Anright, BTS, ATS)   - Auto BTPS Correction    - 250 Patient Records    - USB or RS0232 Connectivity    -     EN 13826, ATS / ERS Standards 2005 Compliant
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RESMED- HOSPITAL & HOME-CARE | ORIGIN-AUSTRALIA | QUALITY-CE,FDA                                                                                                                                  


S9 AutoSetTM automatically delivers the ideal combination of Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) with Easy-BreatheTM Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR) to prevent collapse of your upper airway during sleep.  S9 Auto Set is a self adjusting system is indicated for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in patients weighing more than 30 Kg.

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Stellar 100 is a Light, small, quiet and Versatile. It delivers Resmed’s high quality performance for a wide range of adult and pediatric (13+) patients, invasive and noninvasive applications and hospital and homecare environments. Stellar 100 comes with Effective Leak Compensation, Unique Ti control and many other Unique Features.

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VPAPTM S and VPAPTM ST provides Noninvasive Ventilation for patients weighing more than 13Kg with respiratory insufficiency or Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OAS), in the hospital or home. VPAPTM S and VPAPTM ST includes platform features such as Climate Control, Easy- Breathe Motor and many treatment technologies such as Vsync, Ti Control, Trigger and Cycle Sensitivities etc.

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EliseeTM 150 is a premium volume and pressure ventilator ideally suited for use in intermediate care, sub-acute care units, recovery rooms, during patient transportation and for the treatment of chronic conditions in the home. EliseeTM 150 combines Volumetric and Barometric Ventilation Modes with a single or double Limb Circuit.

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VSTM III comes with a comprehensive range of pressure and Volume Modes suitable for adults and pediatrics. VSTM III is suitable for invasive and noninvasive use and is Easy-to-use with Single and Double Circuits along with unique Leak Modes and Valve Modes.

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VPAPTM III ST-A Quicknav has a large screen, intuitive menus and menu icons- all designed to make it simple for you to use. QuickNav is a combination of easy-navigation features, including logically grouped parameters that are easy to find, view and assess and multiple parameters to one screen, offering information at a glance. 

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