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Central Monitoring System is designed to provide centralized vital information monitoring from multiple monitors and/or telemetry transmitter. UCS 1000 Central Station is a powerful computer with one or two color displays (diagonal least 17˝), with a sound alarm system, laser and thermal printers. UCS 1000 Central Station provides:
  • Comprehensive review;
  • Remote control access;
  • Reception, analysis and documentation of real-time information;
  • Continuous monitoring of basic parameters of patient’s condition;
  • Patients databases maintenance;
  • Data exchange within a local hospital or the global information network;
  • Continuous data safety on the patient’s status during the patient’s stay coming from UM 300 bedside monitors.

UCS 1000 Central Station enables bed-to-bed viewing of alarms, waveforms, numerical values and trends between network monitors.


Remote access to patient’s data in trends or real-time mode, while you are away from the bedside.


Clinicians can quickly check patient’s status directly from a standard PC, Mac or tablet PC,a wireless, pocket-sized Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or smartphone. With the Web Viewer you can quickly check the status of your patients directly from your PC without making a trip to the bedside or even to the hospital.

Web Viewer is capable of displaying real time patient monitoring data such as waveforms, alarms and numeric including printing facilities. Web Viewer can use any type of technology; wire, wireless, mobile. Web Viewer software adds web-enabling capability to the UCS 1000 Central Monitoring Station. Now, physicians can quickly and easily access current vital patient data from remote locations or anywhere that has internet access. Web Viewer allows physicians to remotely interact with on-site clinical staff, reducing delays in diagnosing patients, saving time and increasing productivity.


  •  Multi-patient view capability -- view real-time streaming waveforms for any patient on the network by central station;
  •  Access patient data from any Central Station on your network using browser;
  •  Auto adjust according to screen size;
  •  User authorization;
  •  Configure administrative privileges, controls and functions;
  •  User Management function allows administrator to add, define and manage users;
  •  Event List;
  •  Graphic Trends.

UTAS Patient Monitors: UM300-12" Networked ICU Monitor