DIGITEXMedical is a trading company involved in Import, Marketing & Distribution of Medical Devices all over India.  Our business model revolves around people and that is why we treat our employees as our biggest asset. We have the vision of becoming 'industry employer of choice' by 2020 under DIGITEX brand.  
People & Culture:

We believe in human values. We at DIGITEXMedical work towards creating everlasting robust relationships. We do this by exhibiting highest level of professional work culture and customer delivery. We work to create our own philosophy and our own way of mutual benefit and progression.


A Business Structure is not a structure with a life of its own; it is the living, breathing collective consciousness of all the people who are a part of it. Here at DIGITEXMedical, the employer and employees unify in their visions to make the workplace a process of human growth and development, the social purpose of the entire organization evolves to a higher objectives- service to humanity.
As this happens, increased profits become the result of a balanced, internally motivated workforce with a common purpose rather than the start point from which all decisions are made.


DIGITEXMedical has created a culture that emphasizes on power of oneness, teamwork, and continuous process improvement. Power of oneness harmonizes individual’s goals with the organizational ones and enables us to work and grow as a team in improvised work environment.


Values & More:
We Succeed When Our Customers Succeed | We Grow When Our People Grow | Teams Work, Boundaries Don’t | Energy and Focus Transform Challenges into Opportunities | Outstanding Execution Delivers Impact | Innovation Keeps Us Ahead of the Curve


Inter Department Trainings

DIGITEXMedical has a lateral practice of Inter-Department Trainings on Business & Merit. Under this system, we make sure; individuals working in Business Development team dealing in Direct Sales get a chance to work in Channel Sales, Internet Sales or Marketing. At the same time, individuals dealing in Operations get a chance to deviate from routine roles. The idea is to develop newer skill set and reduce monotonous routines.

Effectiveness of Communication

We at DIGITEXMedical have an openness to interact and thus do not follow hierarchy in communicating with company management. We foster openness that encourages the free flow of communication and information in all directions. This helps individuals and teams to seek and coordinate routine and development projects more effectively.

Off-Site Opportunities

At DIGITEXMedical ‘work is fun’. Major team building programs are frequently conducted "off-site" on quarterly basis. This allows participants to get away from the workplace physically and help them space out from everyday activities. It also helps them in understanding new perspectives and cohesiveness in team play.

DIGITEX Workmanship Program:

DIGITEX Workmanship Program is the flagship HR program focused on developing, implementing and controlling best industry-lead practices in the company. The program theme revolves around designing and commissioning sustainable HR policies and frameworks that are required for laying down a strong growth foundation for our employees.

DIGITEXMedical believes that open, transparent and frequent communication with employees on both good and bad news fosters trust and goes a long way in building employee loyalty. We leverage technology as well as the power of face-to-face interaction using multiple channels and one-on-one meetings among others, to regularly connect and communicate with employees. DIGITEX Voice empowers employees to voice their ideas, concerns and feedback. It is a key piece to keeping them happy.