CEO Speaks: “Our 20 Years of business has never been as exciting as today. Let’s set the tempo for next face of growth at DIGITEX.”

DIGITEXMedical is changing. The company envisions Pan India expansion and is looking forward to cater all-customer needs for good health and beyond. Our company has learnt the pulse of 21st century market and is working on devising mechanisms that helps us get closer to our customers. With the proliferation of web and social media, our company is making strides in the online market by creating its presence felt on all major Social Networking Platforms. These platforms will be the centre point for all our customer communication and data. We expect to gather direct feedback from our product users and prospective users for what’s hot and what’s not. We will utilise these platforms for Brand Promotions, Product Sales Promotions, Business Networking, Knowledge Sharing, Customer Service and Market Research. 

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