We are the leading healthcare products importer and marketer in India in the MSME category. We are business partners with Global Medical Device Manufacturers around the globe and bring in world class medical and wellness products to our Indian customers. Our suppliers include BTL Industrial Limited (United Kingdom), Utas Company (Ukraine-Europe), Mediana (South Korea), Waldmann Derungs (Germany) and Etkin (Turkey). We are doing business on Pan India basis with greater focus on North & Central India market. Our domestic suppliers include Resmed India, Omron India and Elite India

We endorse a robust range of high-end medical equipments and health care solutions. Our product portfolio includes globally acclaimed medical technologies (CoE) in Cardiology, Anesthesia, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Respiratory Care (Homecare & Hospital), OT Solutions, Hospital Lighting, Chronic Health Devices, Radiology & Imaging and Hospital Furniture. Our products are European CE, ISO, IEC, UL, FDA, BHS and AAMI approved that ensures maximum quality for patient and facility administrators.


Our company is ISO 9001-2008 and EN ISO 13485:2012 QMS Certified from JAS-ANZ (Australia & New Zealand) and ITC (European Union) respectively. Our company is among the fastest growing concerns in healthcare space  with an annual CAGR of >30%, which is above the industry average of 20% growth rate. Company’s financials are backed by India’s largest private & public sector banks-HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and Indian Overseas Bank.


Our business model is institutionalized around specific medical disciplines or CoEs as specified above. This Center of Excellence (CoE) based business model enables us in promoting specialized products and solutions that caters to comprehensive hospital requirements and patient care needs. It brings in business focus as well as creates a consulting approach to our sales operations. Our CoE based business model enables us develop medical domain expertise that facilitates our business development team and market networks (channel partners) in understanding and adapting to changing market conditions.      


By 2017, our company is committed to introduce products in the field of Healthcare that will include Institutional and Consumer Product Segments. In the Institutional Segment, our company will introduce Hospital Infrastructure, Radiology & Imaging, and Neurology products. In the Consumer Segment, we will launch Health Reads (Books), Personal Care, Home Care, Sports & Fitness, Diabetes, Organic Foods and Nutrition products to bolster our aggressive expansion plans. 


The company has launched DIGITEXSTORE.COM (Beta) to sell range of Healthcare products all across India. The upgraded version of this site will be released at a later stage. The company will also release IOS, Windows and Android Applications to leverage Mobile Commerce & Customer Base. The company will leverage this platform to create a universal health portal in India that not only sells healthcare products online but also work as knowledge and networking platform for all health professionals across India. 

The company has launched DIGITEX ACADEMY; India's foremost training and education academy for healthcare professionals. The academy works to develop industry specific employment skills for healthcare professionals for personal and professional development.  


The company has launched DIGITEX brand products in Anesthesia and Cardiology domain. The company has already launched its first generation vital signs patient monitors with Accura A30 and Optimus Series Patient Monitors for the private hospital segment and channel sales. DIGITEX is working towards establishing its own brand in healthcare market for long term sustainable growth within the healthcare space. Company’s management is committed to have a comprehensive product portfolio under its private label which will be marketed and sold all over India through direct, channel and internet sales operations.  


Since 1995, our company has partnered with global healthcare players like Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies and Philips Electronics India dealing in products from Patient Monitoring, Cardiac Care, Surgical Lighting & Ultrasound Imaging range. Our organization has been adding value to Indian Health Industry by marketing world class products for last two decades. Over these years, our organization has made in-roads in all major private and government hospitals in India.

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Partner Companies- Digitex Food Services Pvt Ltd | Ashima Abhaya Artworks




DIGITEXMedical management team will be visiting Medica Health Exhibition between November 13-16, 2017. For meeting arrangements, write to us at info@digitexmedical.com

DIGITEXMedical management team will be visiting Arab Health Exhibition between January 29-01 February, 2018. For meeting arrangements, write to us at info@digitexmedical.com



Vision: To rank among Top V healthcare solutions provider in India in the MSME category and establish newer quality benchmarks for maximum consumer satisfaction and delight.

Mission: We endeavour to bring in best-in-class cutting-edge technologies to our Indian consumers so as to build better lives.

Values: We strive to create Ethical, Profitable & Sustainable Growth.

Quality Policy

Product Innovation: DIGITEX is committed to introduce new concepts and technologies in India to ensure better life for all.


Kaizen: DIGITEX is committed to constant change for betterment of its people, policies and procedures. Company consistently upgrades its business operations keeping in mind changing market dynamics. 


Customer Satisfaction: DIGITEX is focused on maximum customer satisfaction and delight. Company is committed to develop internal competence for 'best customer practices'.   

Major Market Competition (India)

GE | Mindray | Siemens | Philips | L&T | BPL | Huntleigh | Spacelabs | Edan | Toshiba | Hamilton | Maquet | Drager | Welch Allyn | Nihon Kohden | Bionet | Schiller | B-Braun | F&P | Zoll | PhysioControl | David | Maquet | Covidien | Stryker | J&J | Meditronics

Largest Health Exhibitions (Globe)

KIMES (South Korea) Mar. 16-19, 2017 | CMEF Spring (China)  May. 15-18 2015 | SAUDI HEALTH (Saudi Arabia) May 08-10, 2017 | MEDSIB (Russia) May 16-18, 2017 | Computex (Taiwan) May 30-03 June, 2017 | FIME SHOW (USA) Aug. 2-4, 2016 | Medica Trade Fair (Germany) Nov. 14-17, 2016


Welcome to DIGITEX ACADEMY. We are India's leading training & education academy for healthcare professionals. We are committed to scientifically and academically develop industry specific 'employment skills' or Students and Young Professionals who are starting their career in healthcare in India. To learn more, visit: www.digitexacademy.in

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