There are exciting opportunities for technical and non-technical students to get maximum health-industry exposure while pursuing their internship at DIGITEXMedical. So if you are an engineering graduate in bio-medical/electronics or you are a commerce graduate in marketing or financial research, there is something for everyone to experience and learn.

Our engineering interns have learnt about world-class Cardiology, Anesthesia, Respiratory Care products in the past. They have been through the instrumentation part learning about the machine ideologue, design and components and at the same time they have been given opportunities for customer visits and real-time dealings. These end-to-end holistic trainings have given students rich learning experience with product technical and market insights.

Our commerce graduates have been given exposure in their chosen specialization subjects. The marketing students have been introduced to products and had been given sales and marketing trainings. They have been allocated to market research, tested on analytical capabilities, mopped through creative marketing and had been made part of everyday company operations. Whereas our finance and HR graduates have been exposed to FP&A and Organization Development processes respectively.

At DIGITEXMedical, there’s is something for everybody. There’s something to learn. To experience, send your CV on