DIGITEXMedical is a trading company involved in Import, Marketing & Distribution of Medical Devices all over India.  Our business model revolves around people and that is why we treat our employees as our biggest asset. We have the vision of becoming 'industry employer of choice' by 2020 under DIGITEX brand.  
DIGITEX Workmanship Program:

DIGITEX Workmanship Program is the flagship HR program focused on developing, implementing and controlling best industry-lead practices in the company. The program theme revolves around designing and commissioning sustainable HR policies and frameworks that are required for laying down a strong growth foundation for our employees.


Inter Department Trainings

DIGITEXMedical has a lateral practice of Inter-Department Trainings on Business & Merit. Under this system, we make sure; individuals working in Business Development team dealing in Direct Sales get a chance to work in Channel Sales, Internet Sales or Marketing. At the same time, individuals dealing in Operations get a chance to deviate from routine roles. The idea is to develop newer skill set and reduce monotonous routines.

Effectiveness of Communication

We at DIGITEXMedical have an openness to interact and thus do not follow hierarchy in communicating with company management. We foster openness that encourages the free flow of communication and information in all directions. This helps individuals and teams to seek and coordinate routine and development projects more effectively.

Off-Site Opportunities

At DIGITEXMedical ‘work is fun’. Major team building programs are frequently conducted "off-site" on quarterly basis. This allows participants to get away from the workplace physically and help them space out from everyday activities. It also helps them in understanding new perspectives and cohesiveness in team play.

Employees Talk

Syed Wasi | Associate (T) - Business Development- “I have completed BE (Biomedical) from Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka. Since beginning, working in DIGITEXMedical has given me a feel that I am absorbed here as a family rather than an employee. Except the 1st week, I never felt like I am a fresher here. Everyone is easily available to help answer my queries guide in right direction. I can confidently endorse DIGITEXMedical as a platform where you learn every single hour, every single day. Moreover, at my job, I face on-field challenges and technical situations but my experienced seniors are always there to respond and answer in quick time.”

Akhhil Pandita | Associate (T) – Business Development- “ I have completed Electrical & Electronics Engineer and have worked as a Trainee Engineer With Alfa Laval India Ltd. (Swedish MNC) till Aug 2012 before joining DIGITEXMedical. On joining this company, I found my real-self by learning to deal with people under different situation. Being an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, I thought it would be a bit difficult for me to grow up with the technicalities involved, but I was so wrong, the kind of training provided to me was comprehensive and within a short span of time I was reasonably trained to take on my operational targets. I am sure I will achieve great heights in this company with the support of my staff.”

Vinod Sharma | Assistant Manager-Accounts & Finance- “I have more than 5 Years experience in Accounting & Finance. With independent decisive making environment, I gain combined functional & technical knowledge with substantial business experience to handle mid to large range of financial activities at DIGITEXMedical.”

Jasdeep Kaur | Associate – Human Resource- “What I like most about DIGITEXMedical is the relationship structures and the organizational culture which actually provided me a platform to grow professionally by fostering new opportunities every day along with managerial support in handling challenges in such a friendly way.”